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It’s quite something to visit the eternal city of Rome, capital of Italy and heart of not only the Holy Roman Empire but also the Catholic Church to this day. While the epicentre of the great renaissance is technically up the road in Florence, this magnificent city has no shortage of breathtaking architecture and spectacular open spaces to behold.


Let’s start right at home, within the Navona Garden Suites Rome luxury accommodation we have four separate habitations for between two and four guests, one with characteristic vaulted ceilings to truly make you feel the renaissance vibe! All are done out in an exquisite classical style with the finest quality furniture, fixtures, fittings and linens - and it’s all super eco-friendly too!


Located on Via del Governo Vecchio (number 73), the building was original commissioned in the 1500s by the wealthy Floridi family before later becoming Palazzo Romanini. The great oak door still retains the original knocker, though we tend to use the doorbell nowadays. Via del Governo Vecchio is one of the best known streets in Rome and is also home to the Speakers Corner!


As the name suggests, Via del Governo Vecchio was the seat of the governmental offices of the old Roman papal state and also on this street you’ll find the very spot where political antagonisers were permitted to orate and post points of view on the wall for all to see. The spot still survives to this day. Also on Via del Governo Vecchio are several artisan vintage boutiques and a sports pub.


In the very heart of Rome’s historical centre, Navona Garden Suites is fairly easy to reach by a wide range of modes of transport. Those looking for the most hassle-free will probably take a taxi from Termini train station having taken the Leonardo Express from Fiumicino. A taxi direct from the airport is another convenient, if pricier option, but be careful to set the price before departure.


No matter whether you’re entering the city from the north or the south, you’ll want to get onto the Lungotevere. That’s the fast-moving, main artery road that hugs either side of the river that winds through the city of Rome. However, before 6pm Monday to Saturday you’ll have to be dropped off at Ponte Sant’Angelo, as only taxis, buses and residential traffic are allowed into the area.


A little further up the Lungotevere heading north and you’ll come to the Via Giulia car park - the nearest secure, private parking facility. If you’d rather hold out for a free parking space, you’ll need to find white lines and be prepared to end up quite a distance from Navona Garden Suites. Blue lines mean you’ll need to pay and yellow is for the disabled or reserved for other reasons.


Via del Governo Vecchio runs parallel to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, one of the city’s busiest main roads and route of a thousand buses. At one end of Corso Vittorio you’ll come to the River Tiber and the Ponte Sant’Angelo, which crosses the river to the Vatican fortress of the same name. In the other direction you’ll find Torre Argentina and the world’s most impressive cat sanctuary.


Crossing Corso Vittorio Emanuele and disappearing into the cobbled wonders will bring you almost to Campo de’ Fiori, one of the city’s most famous open spaces by night. Beyond that is the Jewish Ghetto, almost as old as the city itself. In the other direction, a hop, skip and a jump north will bring you to Piazza Navona, after which our exclusive Rome accommodation is named!


As mentioned above, buses run along Corso Vittorio Emanuele every few seconds, leading all over the city including to Termini, which is the public transport hub. Unfortunately, due to the sheer age of the historical centre and its archaeological macrocosm, no metro lines run anywhere near our fancy Rome lodgings. There are also several taxi ranks nearby as well as scooter rentals.